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In ease and joy


EVolve & EXPAND Program

Starting END OF MAY 2024

Ready to surrender to your True Self and live an Empowered life, without stress, worry pushing and pulling?

Celebrate a liberated life and surrender to your natural-flourishing-self.

Technique by Dolores Mae Hoppener

Take a moment to truly be honest towards yourself.


You know there is more to life, but somehow you haven't found that lasting, fulfilling feeling. Life doesn’t seem to fully flow and you don’t seem fully in charge of your own life, purpose and potential. You know it is possible to live in ease, worry less, and feel more joy, you just don't know how. Maybe you are very new to meditation, or maybe the contrary, and you've tried many self development tools already (mindfulness, yoga, retreats, coaching, healing, therapy, etc). They might have had some positive effects, but never seemed to last. You still keep yourself small and can’t seem to fully love all of you yet.


  • Long to fully be yourself
  • Are ready to step into your greatness
  • Long to live in freedom, with a free positive mind
  • Are eager to surrender to the abundance that is waiting for you (yea!)
  • Are ready for clarity and ease in your life
  • Want to be Held in a safe space where all is welcome
  • Feel ready to live in alignment with your soul
  • Are ready for a deeper transformation than ever, and want to be able to fully integrate the transformation into your daily life
  • Want to cultivate a core confidence and unwavering trust in yourself, in your self worth, in your gifts and in Life.

The Evolve & Expand coaching Program is the masterpiece of the profound teachings I received in my life, together with an answer to my own deep longing for guidance on the path to inner freedom ánd success, which I call a Liberated Life.

Dolores Mae Höppener

When you are embarking on the path of fully allowing yourself to be free, moments of resistance and fear will occur. That is why I'm here to walk this path with you. This program gives you the tools, the healing, the roadmap, the time and the support to evolve & expand on themes that ask for it like never before and truly integrate your transformation in your life for good.So you can be the version of you, that have been longing for so long. Step into your power and living your purpose.

About Dolores Mae Hoppener

Hi! My name is Dolores Mae, In 2006, my body came to a hold, showing me one red flag after the other. I thought I was connected with myself but I was not. This was the start of a deep and long process of coming home to myself.

To take life back and align with my natural gifts.

When I showed up to my childhood traumas my body started to heal. This was the second time my body was healing naturally, all by itself.

But... I was still a mess
🤷🏻 I didn't know how to deal with all my emotions
🤷🏻 I didn't know how to come back to myself, I actually didn't even know how to truly be myself
🤷🏻 I didn't know how to do what I truly love, in ease and joy

I started doing inner child work, therapy, yoga, multiple healing modalities, started working with life energy and created a daily practice. Once I fully embodied this, people started to ask me if I could help them too. And that's what led me to support others in healing themselves.

But it wasn't until I stopped doing my practices (I thought I didn't need them on a regular base anymore) and was thrown right back into past family trauma's, that I found the missing link.

This set back led me to the most powerful information, wisdom and practices. From neuroscience, quantum physics, to masters that showed me the way to inner strength and loving myself deeply. When I showed up to myself again, from a deeper understanding of myself and our human system, my life started to fall into place. The safety, love, and state of joy became natural.

From here the Evolve & Expand Program channeled into existence. The guidance and support that I eventually found in many different places, all gathered in one program.

I would love to welcome you in the program.

To evolve and expand together, like never before.

With Love,

Dolores Mae

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    6 sessions

    When you join me and the other courageous beings, you will free yourself from behavioral patterns that keep you small, unhappy and stuck.

    Masks will no longer have any grip on you. A lot of old conditioning will feel outdated and will belong to the past. It will feel as if parts of your constructed, conditioned Self die, and a new flower comes to life. The one you have always felt inside.

    🏔 Become a conscious creator of your life and create the life you desire
    🏔 Learn how to free yourself from fear, worry, guilt and blame
    🏔 Gain deep trust: experiencing that life is always with you, never against you
    🏔 Feel held, safe and supported to live in freedom by being part of an evolving community
    🏔 Allow your natural greatness, power & gifts to flourish🏔 Follow easy and profound steps to live in trust, joy and fulfillment
    🏔 Discover the safety in yourself to be true to who you are and share your unique self
    🏔 Grow a new love for yourself and everyone around you 🏔 Break through fears, limiting beliefs and blockages that stop you from being the most free and joyful version of you🏔 Become beyond grateful for your life
    🏔 Understand yourself so deeply that loving yourself becomes inevitable

    From fear to freedom


We go through the chakra system as a guideline to cover everything that what are (and that are not!). Each chakra (7 total) is also connected to a universal law. You will receive powerful assignments, healings, coaching, meditations and recordings that will help you to live in full alignment with yourself and life.

We are starting 4 August 2024.


Deep Understanding of Your Essence and Blockages to Start Living in Freedom.


Become Aware of how Physical Forms Work and do what is Needed to Naturally Attract what you Deeply Long For.


Alignment and Activation to be the Most Truthful Expression of Yourself, in the Foundation of Freedom.


Embracing Yourself Fully, Following Life’s Rhythms.


 Deep Confidence & Responsibility


Pleasure & Intimacy with life. Enjoyment 3.0 - enjoy yourself and your life.


Living forth in Alignment with Your Soul, In Safety,
Abundance and Trust.

What you will receive

This Mastermind was created from a deep prayer to guide powerful beings coming home within themselves, sharing their Soul Based Gifts with the world.

This Coaching Program is a successful process in which 18 years of doing inner work comes together. Follow the 7- cycles that guide you towards feeling so aligned and in love with life, that your radiance is naturally creating a ripple effect.

This work is deeply meaningful to me and my own journey into Soul Leadership and has been hugely transformative.

✔️ 3 private 1:1 sessions
You will receive 3 very powerful healing sessions to support you in your process: two sessions of 30 minutes, and one of 90 minutes.

✔️ 21 Zoom calls of 120 minutes
We come together in an online space 3 times every cycle. The calls will be a mix of Masterminds, Healing workshops and Hot seat Coaching.

✔️ Tools and Practices to flourish on all levels
Every Cycle of four weeks we move to a new Gate, you will receive:

  • A Mastermind on the topic of the cycle (live)
  • An extra training on the topic of the cycle in The Online Academy
  • A Ceremony/Healing Workshop (+ the recording)
  • A Hot Seat Coaching session for direct healing (+ recording)
  • A Chakra Activation Meditation with composed Solfeggio Hz music by Jur Schothorst
  • Powerful Spirit Assignments (the right questions, meditations and activations you need to live in freedom)
  • Easy and profound practices to flourish on all levels - also doable with a busy life and when you have kids (!)
  • 3 Meditations/Activations on the theme of the cycle
  • 1 Recording for the Night

✔️ 1 Year Extra Access to the Online Academy
The tools and meditations are valuable for a life time. That's why you will receive access to the program for an extra full year to go through all the valuable content, meditations and recordings over and over.

✔️Access to a Vibrant Online Community Space
We will be working together in an online community space, to have a space to share, celebrate, ask for support, share feedback and hold each other accountable.

✔️Support, Feedback & Accountability
In order to unlock your most Flourishing Self, you have to do the inner work. I will support you to keep trusting the process and to say YES to YOURSELF over and over again. I will hold space for you to feel the fear, feel the doubt and do it anyway! I've got your back.

Powerful Healing Recording of the Money Blueprint Course Course