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Unlock your Inherent Magic and Expand
into Limitless Possibilities
everything that doesn't flow, is an invitation for a more beautiful life.
Dolores Mae Höppener
Healing by Dolores Mae Hoppener

I guide you, through that we address your innate ability to heal.

There is a place within each person where all the answers reside. I help you to reconnect, and listen to the answers yourself. My life path is to help you resolve the issue at hand and come into alignment with nature - to live life in peace, trust, confidence, abundance, love and pleasure.

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It only takes one moment.

We tend to wait years to cross over to this moment. I know how difficult it can be to cross this bridge. But if you do, there is gold on the other side. We feel more free, alive and excited to explore ourselves again.

Free yourself from patterns, belief systems, and pains that hold you back; living like a little human doing. You are a human being, with huge potential and a possibility of so much more than you can imagine.

Nathalie Streng

It’s Life changing! It helped me to see myself better. To see the other person better. To heal. Forgive. Trust. Your non-judgemental attitude. Your ability to feel. Ability to see what's really there. You make me feel save and seen. Thank you!

Nathalie Streng
Laura Fleur

It changed my life, my relationship with myself, with my partner and money. I felt safe, carried and free at the same time. Always guiding me through whatever I need to see and feel. It’s something indescribable. Something everybody has to experience for themselves as during your sessions, every path to healing is different and unique. So grateful."

Laura Fleur
Nina Schuyffel

“Life-changing, energising, spectacular, miracle, true, worth so much! I have felt different after each session. I felt like a had left a burden behind, lighter, happier. It helped me in seeing things clearer. Breaking through old habits and patterns that where discouraging me from going forward in certain situations in my life."

Nina Schuyffel
Luc Ortelli

"I am super grateful for the unbelievable experience. I am getting emotional when I think about it. It's like an exorcism has taken place. I have the feeling that I can breathe normally again and smile for the things I couldn't smile about any more. It gave me faith. There are so many questions answered in magnificent ways. The session really made a difference in my life. It's fantastic!

Luc Ortelli

Where is life challenging you & What do you long for?

Enjoy a liberated life

Start your journey with a Meditation Bundle or One-on-One Sessions

  • Heal the depth of your subconscious / when we heal the past we heal the now


    Meditation Bundle

    Like to pave your path to freedom? This bundle is an accessible way to start to feel free in your body, in your life and in relation with others. This bundle is for you if you like to be guided to take life's invitations to free yourself.

    Expect 7 go-to-meditations for a life time - that help take the moment situation to re-program your subconscious mind to freedom.

    🌀 Your go to meditations for if you feel stuck, worry, intens emotions, physical pain, frustrated and like to trust, or open up to your badass-flourishing-self


"The Root" JOURNEY

You will be guided through a simple step process to come to the root of what's at hand. When we know the root, we can discharge the emotional charge and change the story.  

The work is deep, shamanic, and includes your Breath and Inner Child. Next to the simple-step-process, I practice Rigpa Energetic Healing, Dharma Shamanic System and Reiki. Every session can differ according to what is needed.

There is always room for sharing. Once we start, we work on the subconscious level to get to the source of the imbalance, so that traumas are healed and unconscious patterns, limiting thoughts and painful memories can be totally transformed. The sessions are transforming your inner word which has direct effect on your outer world; your life.

It doesn't matter if you belief in self-healing or not. This is for you if have enough of the situation you are in, and are open to transform from the inside-out.

Technique by Dolores Mae Hoppener
you are never alone, you are always helped and supported - you only have to allow it.

distant healing aka booster clearing

  • Heal the depth of your subconscious / when we heal the past we heal the now
    DISTANT HEALING + clearing

    Feel more energized
    and Heal your current state

    Booster Clearing

    Could you use more energy, aliveness and good health? Do you like to take good care of yourself energetically? This is a "booster clearing" as one client calls it. It's magical and I only need your name. You do not have to plan time for it. You will receive the healing and a report of the session which always gives people very helpful insights next to wonderful healing.

    one time

coaching program

  • NEXT ONE UP: JAN 2024

    LIFE Program

    6 Month Process - access for a full year

    A deep dive into the joy of being alive. You follow a successful group-process to surrender to what I call your "badass-flourishing-self". You are guided to live in freedom, unlock your natural gifts, trust life & yourself, healing your money wounds and feel confident in sharing yourself with the world. Be irresistibly yourself.

    A mind-blowing 6-month process for powerful beings that are ready for expanding themselves in their Life Mastery & Soul Alignment fully.

one on one membership

  • Heal the depth of your subconscious / when we heal the past we heal the now


    Freedom and Badass-Flourishing

    You can be free and successful. You can be successful and live in easy, good health and joy.

    This exclusive mentorship guides you with bi-weekly 1:1 sessions and practices to freedom so you expand naturally, like never before. This mentorship is perfect if you are ready to really choose for yourself and live in freedom, while doing what you love and living in abundance by sharing that. Expect business and personal guidance so that the opportunities and resources come to you. Start living in flow. Surrender to life. Feel free and successful.

    Explore if we are a match today.
    6 spots every half-year

    Explore if we are a match


Where is life challenging you & What do you long for?

het liefdespad


    The Path to ignite MORE connection & Love in yourself and each other.

    Your Relationship

    The Love Path is a path of self-love, in which you both invite your partner to join. Expect safe and warm guidance to re-ignite love and pleasure within yourself and the other. Dolores Mae guides you to create more connection with yourself and between you so that love can flow fully. You can do this in all phases of your relationship.