Dolores Mae Hoppener in nature

FEEL fully alive

Every dis-ease is an opening for limitless ease

Your depth is felt during every session! It was next level to not only change deep subconscious beliefs mentally and emotionally but also energetically so it changed in the body. I really started to experience transformation in my life. Thank you very much!

Sophie Braam
Holistic approach by Dolores Mae Hoppener


My approach is holistic to restore the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual balance. I work on different layers, including cognitive, energetic, and in the subsconscious, which makes deep healing possible without lengthy trajectories. The approach is also cognitive because I have realized that it helps you to know where it came from. No matter in what way you are going to work with me, you will always get small assignments to do or pay attention to in your daily life. In addition to the fact that we address your innate power to heal during the sessions, you really do it yourself through the exercises in your daily life; or change your lifestyle. I help you take lives invitation to make the steps you deeply long for.

When we listen to life and see our body as its instrument, we all have the potential to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My ambition is to empower you.


When we know the root cause, we can discharge the emotional charge and change the story. It doesn't matter if you believe in healing yourself or not. This is a healing journey to let life help you transfrom your outerworld from the inside out. This work is deep, shamanic, and includes your breath and Inner Child.
I practice Rigpa Energetic Healing, Dharma Shamanic System and Reiki. Every session can differ according to what is needed.

There is always room for sharing. Once we start, we work on the subconscious level to get to the source of the imbalance, so that traumas are healed and unconscious patterns, limiting thoughts and painful memories can be totally transformed.

In my mentorships we combine this work with practical business coaching and/or practices to live your badass-flourishing Self.

Technique by Dolores Mae Hoppener
The wisdom is yours by Dolores Mae Hoppener

the Wisdom is
within you

In the healing sessions you are guided to your innate ability to heal or that of your child. Until 7, I work with both the child and the mom.

There is a place with-in each one of us where all the answers reside. I’m here to help you connect and listen to those answers. 

My aim and joy is to empower you - by helping you to resolve your current struggle so that you can start enjoying your life as you have never before.

When you join my mentorship or mastermind, I guide you to surrender to that part of you that is flourishing, living her or his own life. Free.



What I offer

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    Understand yourself deeply & transform
    what is blocking

    🌀 1:1 Healing Session
    ⫸ personal assignment

    > Only for people who have worked with me before


    Go to the Root cause of what's at hand
    and transform it deeply

    🌀 Three 1:1 Healing Sessions
    ⫸ Personal Assignments
    ⫸ Guidance for Integration


    Create a liberated life and surrender to your natural-flourishing-self

    🌀 Weekly group sessions
    ⫸ Access to the Liberated Life Academy
    ⫸ Liberated Life Practices


    Create a Liberated Life
    - personally and in your business

    🌀 Twelve 1:1 Intensive Sessions
    ⫸ Access to the Liberated Life Academy
    ⫸ Liberated Life Practices
    ⫸ Dolores’ full in-ness to walk next to you, having the possibility to transform in the moment and live in freedom.

    Explore if we are a match

life is giving you a chance to feel more yourself

“What I find very special is that I really feel a life before the healing and a new beginning after it. I don't fully understand it yet, but I can see from everything that I'm going for it. Not by willpower, but by feeling."

Stefan, Studio Nul

Whatever it is that is not flowing right now, when you listen to it, you take the chance to feel more yourself.

I have worked with people that experience:

~ serious illness (like myself, that’s how it all started)

~ physical pain

~ not feeling alive nor happy

~ eating disorder

~ relationship issues

~ family issues

~ hunger to live more aligned with your essence

~ conception (child wish)

~ wish for other work

~ not being able to feel

~ writers block

~ wanting to find purpose / more fulfillment

~ not being able to sell a house

…any problem that you are done with...

After almost 6 years of seeing hundreds of people, I experienced a lot of magic. It really takes one moment to start the shift to feel more you.

When you feel more you, you feel more alive, more enthusiastic, more energetic, and freer. Like you start a new life, living more yourself.



We go to the root cause of what's at hand:
//  Understand yourself deeply
//  Transform what is blocking
//  Let life energy flow again

Sessions are available
in Amsterdam and online.

1:1 Energetic Massage

An energetic healing session
//  An explosion of life energy
//  Deep transformation without words

Sessions are in the comfort of your own home.

Healing together

//  Transformational gatherings
//  For women and men who want extraordinary lives and more connection with themselves and others.
//  Learn from others and heal personally.

The group always magically forms itself. You bring in your own challenge when you sign up. Online event in the comfort of your own home.

Deep transformation


'Het Liefdespad' is powerful and loving guidance for couples that want to deepen or re-ignite their connection.

Do your inner work together together.
Ready for more love, joy and pleasure? 

1 spot a month

6-months deep PERSONAL guidance

Master your life living in freedom and joy. This mentorship is great for you if you long to make a massive shift in your business and personal life.

Heal your inner world and your blueprints on freedom, love, inner power and money, to life the life you long for - in joy and ease.

1 spot left that can start in '23

Coaching Program

Are you ready to master your life and live in alignment with your original blueprint?

This program is for everybody that already did quite some healing work and wants to fully align with their soul and awaken their true gifts.


"It is real! And intense. Be prepared to experience some real shifts. Dolores Mae has infinite trust in life, and thus in you, which makes you feel at ease and safe immediately. For me it is like she is helping you get off a coat you forgot you were wearing. Afterwards you feel light and as new, though a bit strange. And the affects after the practice are sometimes even more intense. The energy keeps doing its magic, giving a lot of insights and/or shake ups."

Nora Schrijver

"Yes, it was really nice. I really feel a shift: lighter, more joy. Smiling on the bike, enjoying the sun outside. Left half of body is more present. Also more openness towards my boyfriend. I feel freer!"

Iris van de Kieft

"I am super grateful for the unbelievable experience. I am getting emotional when I think about it. It's like an exorcism has taken place. I have the feeling that I can breathe normally again and smile for the things I couldn't smile about any more. It gave me faith. There are so many questions answered in magnificent ways. The session really made a difference in my life. It's fantastic!

Luc Ortelli
you are never alone, you are always helped and supported - you only have to allow it.