Explore is one of my fav words, this is why

Since I am on the path of freedom, explore is one of my favorites words. Only this word gives so much freedom, read here why.

Explore is one of my fav words, this is why
How are you going through life? 

A lot of people go through life with this always-on-the-look-out-what-others-might-think feeling. You too? Don't worry. It's normal these days. Our survival instinct what's to belong to a group; it wants to fit in; to get recognition and validation. This focus on the outside world limit us from our truest, most freeing - in other words : most joyful - expression of ourselves.


From the moment I healed myself, I became obsessed with self-healing. Self-healing is the path of unlearning; of peeling layers to feel who you really are - living as close as possible to that true nature. I got a lot of tools to free myself from unhealthy habits, programs, thinking and memories. I have seen that there are two parts to self-healing.

1. We can consciously choose what we want to focus on.
What focus on expands. This is re-programming your subconscious mind with consciously choosing what you want.

"What You Give Attention Grows."

2. Finding out what beliefs long for transformation.
Your beliefs are connected to memories. Or in others words, there was a moment in which you have accepted a certain belief. In 1:1 sessions, we go to that moment and find out what belief is at the root of your blockages/problem/dis-ease. These beliefs do not fit anymore, your soul longs for transformation. Are you now thinking about possible memories or beliefs? I have noticed that this is useless. The things that you know on the top of your mind, are not the memories that are creating your so called problem. It's what you do not know consciously, that is causing the blockages,

3. Learn to let life express through you and enjoy the process.

This is a very valuable step of creating a liberated life; living in freedom. If you are looking for outside-validation or you not free. Here comes the word: Explore.

Explore yourself.

When you start to explore you start to awaken to how life is enjoyed by Source.

When you shift to exploring yourself become curious to how you express yourself.
It gave me such freedom when I started to explore my inner world, what sounds wanted to come out of your mouth when I allowed my self to relax. I started to explore what the music did in your body instead of dancing like I had always done, letting my body lead. I even started to allow my hands to write for me. I noticed a tremendous life force, joy and excited ment in all these explorations. Not focusing anymore on what others where thinking of me. I was enjoying the moment. Experiencing the moment with myself, with Life - expressing through me.

Later on I explored my feelings, who I truly am; that version that is naturally badass, naturally flourishing. I explored pain.

Explore implies to find things out yourself; and see if it worlds for you. I love this. Imagine if you would seelife as this one exploration. How would that be? 

You can (re)ignite your journey to inner freedom with my #1 meditations. The Explore Bundle. I guide you to explore yourself.  Activating within you the ability to hold yourself in your feelings, feel whole, explore how triggers can heal you, explore trust and your badass flourishing self.

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