A Powerful Healing Method

For me this is what life is. I knew it when I was little, that this was possible. But no one could bring me here, until I met Jose Antonio Manchado

A Powerful Healing Method

Dharma Shamanic System is a powerful energetic and healing practice in which the wisdom of traditional Tibetan Shamans from more than 1000 years ago and Australian Aboriginal Shamans from 40,000 years ago come together. I am happy for the discovery of these powerful energetic healing practices. It's been a journey of remembering, and coming back to what I felt as a kid was possible.

Through symbols, mantra's and projecting Mother Earth Energy and healing Universal Life Energy, Dharma holds the invitation to return to your natural state of being and inner harmony.  I feel very Grateful to receive these profound healing and initiatives from José Antonio Manchado (Mundoarmonia).

"Dharma Shamanic System is a pure, natural and effortless way of healing."

Why is Dharma Shamanic System so powerful?

The practices create modifications in the subconscious mind. And because of those changes, the biological and energetic fields of the receiver shift automatically as well. So, what does that mean? It means that the change is there to stay! Where in Reiki we go from duality to oneness, Dharma Shamanic System brings us to infinity.

I practice Dharma in combination with other healing methods, Shamanic Practices, Breath Work, Inner Child World and working together with my guides. Some say the sessions are like Ayahuasca sessions but then with more clarity and no puking ;), others say it's like Hypnotherapy or regression therapy. For me it doesn't matter how you call it, what matters is that we go to the root cause of what is at hand and rewrite it in your subconscious mind so you can shift from dis-ease to limitless ease.

It is for you if you: 

Have a desire to be fully Alive

Like to be Free of stress and fear

Love to be free of resentment and judgement

Like to heal emotional suffering

Look forward to remove painful memories

Want to return to the natural frequency of your being

Like to be in tune withe Mother Earth and Universal Energy

Would love to live for yourself, being Authentic

I am looking forward to seeing you, online or in the studio.

Much love,

Dolores Mae

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