What is your Money Blueprint?

We come to this world like a blank sheet. 100% pure, we love ourselves and everything about ourselves. And then, from the first moment of our creation, we get infused with what we sense, hear, see and feel around us. We get programmed. These become your filters through which you experience life…

What is your Money Blueprint?



“a design plan or other technical drawing.”

We all have an Original Blueprint. If you live that, you are what I call your Natural Flourishing Self; your true Self and unique expression, feeling fulfilled, doing what you love in ease and joy.

In the areas we feel we want to grow, our programs don’t match our Natural Flourishing Self. It’s even possible that these programs block your natural flourishing big time. We could say that these filters on a specific topic become a Blueprint for how you are relating in that specific area:

There is a Self-image Blueprint, a Relationship Blueprint, a Career Blueprint, a Health Blueprint there’s also a Money Blueprint.

Your Silver Book

In Shamanism we call these Blueprints your Silver Book. It’s the story that you live, when you follow the programs that you were born in. The Blueprint you got from your family, school or other surroundings. At a certain point in life, you are invited to write your Golden Book; your hero story in which you are changing your Blueprints and come back to your Original Blueprint.

My journey started with being in communion with life and my pains instead of pushing them away. When I started with inner work many blueprints started to transform simultaneously. I studied the yogic texts, did a 550-hours Yoga Teacher Training, followed healing courses, all for my own path towards inner freedom. I had never included anything from the ‘material world’.

Until one day, two things came together.

  1. People started asking me if I could teach them the confidence I have around money and how I related to it.
  2. I started to see that money, inner power and love are the same energy.

Money Money Money

I had never really learned about money at home. I learned about entrepreneurship. I learned about confidence, people and the human psyche.

When I took a dive into the world of Money it fascinated me. I saw how important money is and that it’s a vital part of our life today. Also, I learned through my friends and co-workers that a lot of people disliked money or felt it was almost evil in some way. I came in touch with people that earned a lot of money, and were stuck at crazy amounts like 2 million every year. I also came in touch with a man that lost everything he earned. I began to think about it more, wondering how this could work and stumbled on the work by Jim Rhone.

“If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everybody, it would soon all be back in the same pockets “.

I found out that it had to do with our Money Blueprint.
Do you feel ashamed for the money you have? What do you think about others who have a lot of money? Do you feel money is evil? What kind of money type are you? Even your family traumas have an influence on how you relate to money today. Including all parts where you live in lack, and if you are able to receive.

The good news

Your Money Blueprint is built by your programs and experiences, and we can rewrite all of it. You can actually change your money blueprint and come in harmony with money - experiencing ease and fun with money.

And I… pre-recorded a course for it, in order to support you in rewriting your Money Blueprint.

The Money Blueprint Course

Part 1: Your Relationship with Money

Part  2: Upgrade Your Money Blueprint (2hrs)

Part 3: Attracting Money

Part 4: Keeping the Flow of Money

Sometimes all it takes to change your life,
is to take the next inspired action.

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